The smart strategy of the Star Wealth Management Company is a specialized investor in the field of financial technology (Fintech) and information technology, which started its activity in 2016 and has been able to invest in 20 businesses in this field. The mission of Star Wealth Management Company as a venture investor is to create a suitable platform for investing in creative and innovative teams and businesses.

In January 2019, with the cooperation and support of the Entrepreneur Bank, which is known as an innovative, modern and leading bank in the banking industry of Iran, and with the aim of constructive interaction with startups in the financial field, a new chapter has started for the Star Wealth Management Company, and with fundamental changes, the process is becoming new and growing and is actively looking to invest in fintech teams.

Our colleagues are a network of powerful and influential people in the field of financial technologies, who work in the field of fintech with the aim of positively and constructively influencing the startup ecosystem.


Who are our partners in the Star Wealth Management Company?

We at the Stars Wealth Management Company are in contact with a group of people with knowledge and experience in the business and investment space, who provide advice and solutions to attracted startup teams; In fact, Stars Wealth Management Company helps creative and innovative entrepreneurs and businesses to turn their big ideas and bold dreams into products, services and solutions.

What are the portfolio teams of Stars Wealth Management Company?

As an investor,the Stars Wealth Management Company has so far evaluated more than a few hundred projects and invested in 20 startups among them. With the departure of the three teams of Bonus, Hamyan and Nick Starter in 1400, the number of teams in the portfolio of the Star Wealth Management Company has reached 17 teams.



So far, which teams have exited from the Star Wealth Management Company?

the Stars Wealth Management Company successfully exited three teams, Bonus, Hamyan and Nick Starter, in 1400.



Bonus is a comprehensive provider of services needed by businesses at the point of sale. These services include sales software, accounting services, store builder, loyalty, attracting customers, etc. Bonus products help stores to build their customer club, observe and analyze their buying behavior and finally introduce their product or service better.


Hamyan is a smart system for family loan funds that helps the manager and fund members to manage their fund better by spending less time and easily perform tasks such as paying shares, recording transaction information and lottery using their mobile phones.

Nick Starter:

Nick Starter is a crowdfunding system for the production and delivery of innovative products. In this system, innovative products are offered for pre-sale and interested people can provide the necessary capital for the production of these products for entrepreneurs by pre-purchasing these products with a discount. Entrepreneurs are also committed to produce and deliver products to buyers within a certain period of time. After the successful pre-sale of these products in the Nick Starter system, they will continue to be offered for sale in this system.


How is the process of investing in startups in the Star Wealth Management Company?


The effort and experience of the Star Wealth Management Company is that the entire investment process will last at most eight weeks.