Using the Starsup model, we evaluate innovative ideas in a three-step process and decide whether to invest in them. This three-step process, which takes up to eight weeks, is as follows

1. At first, the investment team or startup submits its plan to Star Wealth Management by registering its application. After a maximum of one week, the Star Wealth Management Company will present the results of the initial screening to the team, and if the project is accepted, we will enter the preliminary evaluation stage.

2. In the preliminary evaluation phase, the startup founders present their business model in face-to-face meetings with the Star Wealth Management evaluation team and answer questions about their business model, during this phase, which lasts up to two weeks, if the evaluation result is positive. , the plan enters the stage of careful evaluation, otherwise, the evaluation results of the Star Wealth Management Company and the reasons for not being accepted will be provided to the startup. Also, at this stage, the confidentiality agreement is signed by the parties and is provided to them.

3. At this stage, the market, idea and team are validated, and the founding team will defend their business model by providing quantitative information. At this stage, if the plan is deemed suitable, the plan will be referred to the investment committee, and otherwise, the evaluation results of the Star Wealth Management CompanyCompany will be presented to the founders and the plan will be archived.

The effort and experience of the Star Wealth Management Company is that the entire process mentioned above will last at most eight weeks.